Terms and Conditions

General remarks

  • This Agreement introduces the procedure for gaining access to materials published on the Internet. This information is published on the resource of the Trust Pharmacy website. It establishes the rights and obligations of customers gaining access to the Site via the Internet.
  • Trust Pharmacy is the site administrators serving options provided on the website in full.
  • All relations between the Site Administration and the Customer are governed by the current legislation of the United States of America.
  • The Site Administration has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The current version is published on the official website of our online pharmacy.

The site administration rights

The site administration has exclusive rights to utilize the website, at its own discretion. It can at any time change the content of the website, removes and adds any materials, allows access to the website or restricts such access, exercises other rights in relation to the website.

The site administration controls the website in order to post information about the company, its activities, as well as other information that, in the opinion of the site administration, may be useful to Customers.

Customers rights

Any person accessing the Site via the Internet is considered to be a target customer.

The Customer should follow his rights and obligations from the moment of the first visit and to any of the materials of the Site.

The customer is given free access to information materials published on the website, with the exception of materials which access should be limited according to the legislation of the United States of America. Customers are required to refrain from any actions that could harm the content, software of the website.

The legal status of information published on the website

The copyright for information materials (including, but not limited to: images, photos, texts, logos, design of individual blocks of the website and the entire website as a whole) published on the Site belongs to the Site Administration and other copyright holders, with whose consent the materials are posted online.

Other persons may not in any way use the materials posted on the Site, copy in whole or in part, distribute, modify, reproduce these materials without the prior permission of the Site Owner and (or) other copyright holders. All rights to information materials, including images published on the website, are protected in accordance with national and international legislation.

When using any information materials and images from Trust Pharmacy, you should indicate the source of the materials taken from. Customers have the right to freely get acquainted with information materials posted on the website in the public domain. Access to materials located on the website is provided free of charge but only in informative purposes.