Impotence Curing and Prevention

Erectile dysfunction is not a sentence, but only a disease which may be successfully treated. And like any disease, erectile dysfunction treatment at an initial stage is carried out easier and more effectively. The earlier you see a doctor, the treatment will be more effective. Modern medicine has achieved impressive success in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and has made this problem successfully solvable.

Therefore if you suffer from erection disorder, it isn’t necessary to live with this problem and to do nothing for its overcoming. After careful inspection, it is better to take into account the specific features of treatment methods, optimum for you, which will return all pleasures of full sex to your life.

What price should you pay for erectile dysfunction treatment? The cost can be minimized. Start treatment in household conditions. In the beginning, try to eliminate the factors which have been the possible reason of disorder development. Such reasons may be:

  • carrying an inactive way of living;
  • smoking;
  • diseases existence;
  • medicines intake exerting a negative impact on potency.

Correction of patient’s psychosocial condition is necessary. It is very important that the man has discussed the problems with the partner and have got her support.

Meals at Impotency

What Diet May Improve the Erection?

Before taking any pill for impotency treatment start with diet. At various forums, for treatment of erectile dysfunction, you will find various diets. The regime may be the following:

  • Depending on a season for erection strengthening include in diet: melon, onions, parsley, nut, pumpkin from which it is possible to prepare various dishes. It is recommended to drink daily, for several months, in the morning and in the evening on 1/2 glasses of pumpkin juice.
  • Tea from the fresh leaves and fruit stems of cherry, white currant, wild strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, grapes, leaves of birch, a color of linden taken in equal ratios is very useful for erection improvement.
  • Green vegetables, such as celery and spinach, which contain many substances strengthening blood flow.
  • If to men with erectile dysfunction every day to use pistachios, he will feel improvements in the intimate sphere and strengthening of sexual desire.
  • Perhaps, the reason for that – arginine which weakens blood vessels.
  • The oysters rich in zinc, contain the substances stimulating sexual desire and sexual activity known as aphrodisiacs. Zinc takes part in a production of testosterone, and in case of the low level of the main men’s hormone, there is an erection weakening.
  • Blood circulation is influenced by lycopene which contains in red fruit and vegetables, such as grapefruit and tomatoes. The greatest effect of lycopene is reached at the parallel use of fat vegetables – spinach and avocado.
  • Include in the diet in a large number to eat onions, cottage cheese with garlic, fennel, caraway seeds. As a garnish to fish dishes haricot is recommended.
  • Dried dates also promote an increase in sexual strength of the man. For the preparation of this means, it is required to you: dried dates, almonds, pistachios, quince seeds. All these ingredients need to be pounded together in equal parts and to use this means about 100 g a day.
  • It is necessary to refrain from the products prepared from white flour and white sugar.

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